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Mercy's Outfits Pt. 49
I decided to do a Mercy's Outfits page today. I'll color it this week when I have more time to work on it. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D

This base doesn't belong to me. It's XS-Is-The-Shiz's base.
Victoria's Pregnancy Cravings
These are all of the things Victoria craved during her twin pregnancy. There's some pretty weird ones on this list. Victoria has a total of 22 cravings. Hope it looks good. Enjoy :D
Surfacetale Pregnant Victoria
I decided to do a human version of Victoria. In the Surfacetale universe, Victoria and Papyrus are married and expecting twins, one boy and one girl. Also, Gothica and Sans are married as well. Victoria is nine months pregnant. One the day Victoria went into labor, Gothica discovered she was pregnant, but she waited until the next day to tell everyone and not ruin Victoria and Papyrus's big special day. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
Undertale Oc Glamra
Glamra is a beautiful robot who's a singer and model who can do both at the same. Her catchy tunes will hypnotize you and make you want more.  She can drive the men crazy with her sexy looks, it makes all the men go nuts for and make all the women jealous. She's has a love interest with Mettatron. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
Undertale Oc Gothica
Gothica is the little sister to Victoria. Even though she a gothic exterior, she really a sweet and kind soul. She's in love with Sans. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
    It's been five years since Chance been born. Chance is five years old. Charm is nine months pregnant with her and Chase's second child. Charm was sitting on the sofa. "Mommy." said Chance. "Yes sweetheart." replied Charm. "Is the baby going to be born soon?" replied Chance. "Soon honey soon." replied Charm. Chance placed a hand on his mother's pregnant belly. The baby kicked. "Mommy, I felt a kick." said Chance excitedly. "Your little brother or sister is saying hello." replied Charm. "Really?" replied Chance. "Yes." replied Charm. The baby continued to kick. "Are you excited on being a big brother?" asked Charm. "I'm excited mommy." replied Chance. Chase returned home. "Welcome home darling." said Charm. "Hey honey." replied Chase.

    "Hi daddy." said Chance. "Hello son." replied Chase. Chance went to his father. Chase put Chance on his lap. Today was July 5th. "Today is a lovely summer day." said Charm. "Today is sure lovely." replied Chase. The baby kicked hard. "Off." said Charm. "Are you okay?" asked Chase. "I'm fine, the baby just kicked hard is all." replied Charm. "Can I feel mommy? "asked Chance. "Sure you can hun." replied Charm. Chance sat next to his mother. Chance placed both hands on his mother pregnant belly. The baby kicked hard. "Wow, the baby does kick hard." said Chance. Charm placed a hand on her pregnant belly and Chance's back. Shadow joined them. "Hey Shadow." said Charm. "Hey." replied Shadow. It was close to noon. Chance cuddled close to his mom. Chase was sitting next to his wife. Chance was asleep.

    A few minutes later, Charm felt something. Chase, Charm, Chance and Shadow were just relaxing on the sofa. Chance felt his baby sibling kicking him. Chance woke up. "Had a nice nap sweetie?" asked Charm. "I did." replied Chance. Shadow was alssep soundly. "Looks like you were the only one asleep Chance honey." said Charm. Chance looked over at Shadow. "Indeed." replied Chance. It was one in the afternoon. Chase started to rub his wife's baby bump. The baby kicked. "The little one is nice and healthy." said Chase proudly. Charm placed a hand on top of Chase's hand. Chase and Charm were happy knowing their love and family are growing. Chase and Charm smooched. Chance tugged on his mother's shirt.

    Chase and Charm looked at their son. "Yes hun." said Charm. "I'm hungry." replied Chance. "It is lunch time." replied Charm. Chase helped Charm get up. "Thank you darling." said Charm. "Your welcome honey bun." replied Chase. Charm headed into the kitchen. Shadow was still asleep. Chase went over to Shadow. "Shadow wake up, Charm is making lunch." said Chase trying to wake up Shadow. Shadow woke up. "Huh?" replied Shadow. "Mommy is making lunch now." replied Chance. "Okay." replied Shadow. Shadow got up. They headed to the dinning room. When they arrived, Charm was setting up the table. "Hello everybody, what would you guys like for lunch? "asked Charm with a smile. Everyone placed their order.

    "I'll be back in a bit." said Charm. Chase, Chance and Shadow sat down. A moment later, Charm came out with everyone's food. Charm also got everyone drinks. Charm sat down. As everyone was eating, the baby is kicking like crazy. Chase, Charm, Chance and Shadow finished their lunches. "Thank you dear, that was wonderful." said Chase. "Your welcome hun." replied Charm. "Thank you mommy." said Chance. "Your welcome sweetie." replied Charm. "Yes, thank you for lunch Charm." said Shadow. "Your welcome Shadow. "I'll do the dishes and you go sit down and relax." said Chase. "Okay hun." replied Charm.Charm, Chance and Shadow went to the living room while Chase did the dishes. Shadow helped Charm sit down on the sofa. Chance sat in the same spot.

    Shadow sat in the same spot as well. A few moments later, Chase entered the living room and sat next to his pregnant wife. "Dishes are done and put away." said Chase. "Thanks darlin." replied Charm. "Anything for you sweetheart." replied Chase, An hour past by and it happened, Charm's water broke. "It's time." said Charm. "I'll go get the doctor." replied Chase. "What can I do daddy?" asked Chance. "You can keep mommy calm and comfty." replied Chase with a smile. "Yes sir." replied Chance. "Good boy." replied Chase. "What about me Chase?" asked Shadow. "Shadow, you'll get anything Charm needs or wants. "Yes sir." replied Shadow. "Good." replied Chase. "I'll try my best to hurry, Charm just relax and breathe, okay?" said Chase.

    "Okay, see you in a little while." replied Charm. "Your going to be great honey." replied Chase. Chase and Charm kissed. "Goodbye, see you in a little while." said Chase. "Bye." replied everyone. Chase left. "Mommy." said Chance." What's the matter sweetie?" replied Charm. "Are you going to be okay mommy?" replied Chance. "I'm going to be just fine." replied Charm. "How about we go for a walk mommy?" suggested Chance. "Sure, sounds like a wonderful idea sweetie." replied Charm. Shadow helped Charm off the couch. Then they all went for a walk. "Mommy." said Chance. "Yes sweetie." replied Charm. "What are contractions?" replied Chance. "Contractions is just pressure because of the baby being born." replied Charm. "What were they like when you were having me?" replied Chance.

    "They were very painful." replied Charm. "But, each women who goes through childbirth has a different story." added Charm. "Oh." replied Chance. They walked for a while. "Mommy, we should head back home." said Chance. "Yeah, we should go back home." replied Charm. So, they headed back home. When they got home, Chase and the doctor were there. "Hello darling." said Charm. "Hi honey, how are you doing?" replied Chase. "I'm fine, Chance and Shadow did a wonderful job taking care of me." replied Charm. "That's good to hear." replied Chase. "Mrs. Young, could you lie down for me?" asked the doctor. "No problem." replied Charm. Chase helped Charm sit down. Charm layed down like the doctor said so. "Please pull up your shirt up Mrs. Young." said the doctor.

    Charm pulled up her shirt. The doctor put the etal Doppler on Charm's pregnant belly. "I'm getting a picture now." said the doctor. The picture popped up on the Fetal Doppler. The doctor move the Fetal Doppler image/ultrasound image finder around. "Okay Mrs. Young, take a breath in for me." said the doctor. Charm took a breath in. "Okay good, now release." said the doctor. Then Charm released the breath. The doctor move the device on Charm's pregnant belly. "Take in another breath for me Mrs. Young." said the doctor. Charm took in another breath. Chase was with his pregnant wife. "Okay Mrs. Young, now release." said the doctor. Charm release the breath. "Okay, now let's see how your doing Mrs. Young." said the doctor.

    "Can you sit up for me Mrs. Young?" asked the doctor. "Yes I can." replied Charm. Charm sat up. "Thank you." said the doctor. The doctor took out his stethoscope. "Now let's listen to your heart Mrs. Young." said the doctor. The doctor listened to Charm's heart. "Nice and healthy." said the doctor. "How's the baby doctor? "asked Charm. "Your baby is nice and healthy." replied the doctor. The doctor placed the stethoscope on Charm's back. "Breathe in and out Mrs. Young." said the doctor. Charm breathed in and out. "Everything seems to be in working fine." said the doctor. "Now, let's check the position of the baby Mrs. Young." said the doctor. The doctor checked the position of the baby. "You have a long way to go Mrs. Young." said the doctor.

    "I'll be back in a couple of hours." said the doctor. "Okay." replied Charm. The doctor left, Charm pulled her shirt down. "Sorry for making you go through that honey." said Chase. "It's okay darling." replied Charm. Chance went to his mother's side. Charm ran her fingers through Chance's hair. Charm gave her son a reassuring smile. Chance smiled back. Then Charm looked at her husband. "Need anything hun?" asked Chase. "A couple of pillows and a blanket." replied Charm. "Okay, I'll be back in a little bit." replied Chase. Charm went back to her son Chance. "Charm was still running her fingers through Chance's hair. "Don't worry sweetie, mommy is going to be fine." said Charm. "Are you in pain mommy?" replied Chance. "No, I'm not in pain, Chance honey." replied Charm. 

    Chase returned with the pillows and a blanket. Chase covered Charm up with the blanket and placed the pillows behind Charm. "Thank you darling." said Charm. "Your welcome hun." replied Chase. "Could you rub my shoulders Chase?" asked Charm. "Sure sweetheart." replied Chase. Chase stated to rub Charm's shoulders. "Shadow, could you get me a glass of water please?" asked Charm. "Sure thing Charm." replied Shadow. Shadow went to go get Charm a glass of water. Chase was still rubbing Charm's shoulders. Charm was still running her fingers through Chance's hair. "How are you doing honey?" asked Chase. "I'm doing fine hun." replied Charm. "How are you handling the pain honey?" replied Chase. "I'm handling the pain just fine." replied Charm.

    Shadow returned with Charm's glass of water. Shadow gave Charm her glass of water. "Thank you Shadow." said Charm as she grabbed the glass. "Your welcome Charm." replied Shadow. Charm drank the water. Few hours past and Charm felt the baby transition in progress. The doctor returned. "Let's check your and the baby's progress Mrs. Young." said the doctor. The doctor checked the position of the baby. "Your getting closer Mrs. Young." said the doctor. "In a few more hours, the baby will be born,: added the doctor. "Should Charm get changed and get ready for the delivery?" asked Chase. "Yes, we should." replied the doctor. Shadow grabbed the pillows and the blanket. Chase helped Charm get up. "Looks like you've been staying hydrated Mrs. Young." said the doctor.

    "Yeah, I've been drinking fluids." replied Charm. "Good." replied the doctor As they were walking to Chase and Charm's bedroom, Charm took in a deep breath and released it. Chase rubbed Charm's back. "Your doing great honey." said Chase. "Thanks hun." replied Charm as she rubbed her pregnant belly. Chance was by his mother's side. "Chance, you and Shadow are going to have to wait outside." said Chase. "Okay daddy. replied Chance. "Good boy." replied Chase. The reached the bedroom. "Okay Chance, your with me." said Shadow. "Okay." replied Chance. Chase, Charm and the doctor entered the bedroom. "Okay honey, it's time to change." said Chase. "Okay." replied Charm. Chase helped Charm get changed.

    The Chase helped Charm lay down . Chase opened the bedroom door and gave the okay for Chance and Shadow to come in. "Mommy." said Chance. "Hey sweetiepie." replied Charm. Chase helped Chacne on the bed. Charm gently ran her fingers through Chance's hair. Then Charm gently rubbed her son's cheek. Chase placed a hand on Charm's shoulder. Charm looked up at Chase. Chase smiled at his wife. Charm smiled back at her husband. "How are you hanging on Charm?" asked Shadow. "I' doing just fine." replied Charm with a smile. Charm rubbed her pregnant belly. The baby kicked. "The baby seems excited." said Charm happily. Everyone except the doctor placed a hand on Charm's pregnant belly. The baby kicked rapidly.

    "The baby is excited." replied Chase. Chance and Shadow agreed. Hours past. "Okay Mrs. Young, it's time." said the doctor. "Okay doctor." replied Charm. "Come on Chance." said Shadow. "Okay Shadow." replied Chance. Chance and Shadow left the room and closed the door. "Okay Mrs. Young, on the count of three, I need you to push." said the doctor. The doctor counted to three and Charm started to push. Charm was breathing while pushing. "Keep going honey, your doing great." said Chase. "Okay, now relax." said the doctor. Charm stopped pushing. Charm was breathing nice and easy. Chase gently petted his wife's hair. "Okay, start pushing again Mrs. Young." said the doctor. Charm started to push again.

    Outside the bedroom, Chance and Shadow were sitting on the left side of the door. Shadow was holding Chance. Shadow was rubbing Chance's arm. Chance let out a sigh. "Don't worry Chance, mommy is doing going it be just fine." said Shadow trying to comfort Chance. Chance didn't say anything. Back to Charm and Chase, "Your doing great Mrs. Young." said the doctor. Charm was halfway through. An hour past and the baby was almost born. "Okay Mrs. Young, give me one more big push." said the doctor. Charm gave the doctor one last big push. Then a newborn's cry filled the room. Charm relaxed. Chance and Shadow heard the newborn crying. The doctor did everything he needed to do to the baby. "Here you go Mrs. Young." aid the doctor after giving Charm the baby.

    The doctor opened the door. "You two can come in now." said the doctor. Chance and Shadow entered the bedroom. Chase hepled his son on the bed. "Chance, meet you new baby sister, Calliope." said Charm. "Hello Calliope, I'm your big brother Chance." said Chance to his baby sister. Calliope opened her eyes. Calliope looked at her brother. "She looks like you mommy." said Chance. "Yes she does." replied Charm. Charm was slowly rocking her newborn daughter. "Your officially a big brother now." said Chase. "Yep. "replied Chance. "Thank you darling." said Chase. "Your welcome darlin." replied Charm. "Your baby girl is strong and healthy." said the doctor. "Wonderful." replied Charm. Chase held his daughter for the first time.

    "Hello Calliope." said Chase. Calliope cooed and smiled. Chance was cuddling next to his mommy. "You smile like your beautiful mother. 'said Chase. Charm looked up at Chase. "Thank you hun." replied Charm. Chase looked at his wife. "Your welcome." replied Chase. Chance was fast asleep. "Today was amazing." said Shadow. "Indeed it was." replied Charm. Chase gave Charm Calliope. Chase picked up Chance. Calliope fell asleep. "Sleep tight my little angel." said Charm softly. It was nighttime. "We should have something to eat." suggest Chase." Sounds good to me." replied Charm. The things went off from there. Calliope was in her crib fast asleep. Chance was awake and with his mother.

    "Are you and daddy planning on having more mommy?" asked Chance. "We're thinking about." replied Charm. Chase entered the bedroom. "Hey you two." said Chase. "Yes honey." replied Charm. They talked for a while. "It's been a long day, time to go to bed." said Chase. "Yeah, I'm getting tired. "replied Charm. Chance was already asleep. "I'll get Chance changed and in bed." said Chase. "Okay hun." replied Charm. Chase picked up Chance. Charm gave Chance a goodnight kiss. "Night Chance honey." said Charm softly. "Night mommy." replied Chance tiredly. Chase left. Moments later, Chase returned. "Chance is in his pjs and tucked in." said Chase. "Goodnight hun." replied Charm. They kissed goodnight. Charm was holding Calliope for the moment.

    Calliope yawned and stretched. Charm kissed her newborn daughter goodnight. "I'll get Calliope into bed while you get some sleep." said Chase. "Okay." replied Charm. "Sweet dreams Charm." said Shadow. "Thank you Shadow." replied Charm. Charm laid down, covered up and dozed off. Chase and Shadow headed to the nursery to tuck in Calliope. Chase couldn't take his eyes off his beautiful new daughter. "She looks just like Charm." said Shadow softly. "Yes she does." replied Chase softly. Chase was gently rubbing his daughter's cheek. Calliope smiled and cooed. Chase smiled. calliope moved a little bit. They reached the nursery. Chase sat in the rocking chair and started to gently rock. Chase placed one of his fingers in his daughter's hands. Calliope grabbed and squeezed her father's finger. "Nice and strong." said Chase softly.

    Calliope yawned. "Time for bed." said Chase softly. Chase got up and headed to the changing table. Chase unwrapped Calliope and dressed Calliope. "There we go." said Chase softly. He picked up his sleeping daughter and headed to the crib. Chase gently put his newborn daughter in the crib and tucked Calliope in. "Sleep tight my little angel." said Chase softly. For a bit Chase watched Calliope sleep. Shadow went to bed. Then Chase left, so he can some sleep. He entered the bedroom and got ready for bed. Chase crawled into bed. Chase looked over at Charm. Chase smiled. Chase lie down and gently cuddled his wife. Many adventures are instore for the Young Family.




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