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Resident Evil: Susana's Room
This is hospital room that Susana stayed in the secret and private hospital that she stayed in while they were in China. All the staff, nurses and doctor's were amazing and kind. This is hospital room design. It features a new tech screen that projects calming and soothing enviroments. A new way to relax patients of any kind like patients going in for surgeries, kids, people who lost or broken a limb and it's for a laboring mother's for an ultimate birthing experience. The bed slides up and down. The stirrups can come out and the hospital bed came become a regular hospital bed or for deliveries. The buttons that are on the panel on the bed are on both sides for different uses like a button for a nurse, doctor or for the simple things like to get something to drink or eat, to have a walk around the hospital for a bit to get out the room for little while and etc. There's also accommodations for visitors an fathers-to be, families and friends. The couch can fold out into a bed for fathers-to-be that want to say with their wives and newborn children with side table that has a lamp for lighting, books and blankets and some stress balls just in case you don't want to hold a laboring mother's hands or for you and plenty of pillows. There's also a rocking chair when your holding your newborn child or if your newborn is having a bit of hard time getting to sleep or just to relax thwre is also an foot stool too so you can put your f. There is a bathroom. A coffee table to put your belongings an items down if they're becoming a bit of a burden for ya with a vase with artificial flowers in it. Of course we can't forget the table for the patient to have their food, drinks and misc. items on. There it is a light above the bed which is voice activated by saying "lights on" or "lights off". There is also a baby cot with wheels so the baby can be with his or hers mother. Two chairs by hospital bed so visitors can keep the patient comfortable and calm/relaxed especially for laboring mothers. Those bags belong to Susana and Leon. The gray duffel bag is for Leon, they made sure he had stuff to help get him through the delivery. One bag is for the baby and all the stuff they'll be receiving from the hospital. Then there's Susana's purse with everything she need in ther like her i.d, birth plan (which didn't go according to the plan), her cell phone with a charger, her music player, also it has a picture of her daughter (a current picture of Amy). The rolling suitcase has her clothes and some shoes and slippers. The others are her makeup bag (on the bottom with polka dots) so Susana can look good for visitors it also has her hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth wash and other toiletries. The bag next to the purse has some clothes for the baby and pjs and nightgown to help keep her warm. I've spent a long time working on this (I started a couple days ago then I finished it tonight yay :)). Please be kind with the comments please :)? Hope it looks good. Enjoy :D
Life is tough right now for me today. We had to put our dog down today, so I'm not in the happiest of all moods right now. If were doing and rp could we just take a break so I can put myself back together. :( :( :(
Pregnant Aracdia and Geneva
I just felt like drawing a preggie Arcadia and Geneva (my Castlevania ocs). Plus I wanted draw their maternity outfits. You also get to see Arcadia and Geneva's hair up. They normal don't care to to put their hair up very much unless their working or cooking, or in their case being pregnant. Both Arcadia and Geneva are six months pregnant, so they're starting to feel some movements. Both of them are both expecting boys. They also have around the same pregnancy cravings slightly different. I did my best to repeat the 19th century style maternity dresses. Hope they looks good. Enjoy :D
Resident Evil Oc: Susana Kennedy
Susana is now married to Leon (after a while of dating and getting to know one another better). After they were rescued by the military, they fell in love with each other. After they got married and waited two months before starting a family. After that two months, Susana became pregnant with a boy this time (they didn't know that). Then another break out happen also Susana is nine months pregnant around that time, this time it was the C-virus. Susana tagged along with her husband Leon. Susana doesn't like to be alone. Susana was in for one heck of an adventure. It was one event after another. As usual, Susana went into labor at a bad time which freaks her out. Leon was by her side through the whole ordeal. It took a while to find somewhere safe and sound for Susana to give birth to their first child. When some interesting people directed Leon, Helena and Susana to unknown hospital. Susana was registered in and taken to the delivery room as Leon got ready to support his wife through the delivery. It was hours before they heard that very first cry of their newborn son. There was some points were Susana almost broke Leon hand from squeezing it so hard. When Leon, Helena and Ada saved the world, Susana was transported to a private hospital were her and Leon were reunited, Susana revealed the named of their son. Susana named their newborn son Leo Sean Kennedy. Leon loved the name very much. I gave Susana a new hair style and slightly a different color not by much though. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D 
Nega (Evil) Arcadia
Arcadia's mother's dark magic possessed Arcadia and turned her into the opposite of what Arcadia stands for. Instead of forgiving man kind, she despises them and wants all of man to burn and suffer. Arcadia took a more gothic look while under her mother's dark spell. The dark spell controlling Arcadia was broken by Alucard, but left Arcadia bruised and broken. I drew what her eyes, lips and teeth also her fingernails would look like. Hope she looks good. Enjoy :D
Name: Jessica Sandra Cawley

Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf

Age: 24 (maybe older, but she looks 24)

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Eye Color: Violet with black pupil (when in human form), red with slitted pupil(when in werewolf form)

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Hair/Color: Brown, long, always kept up

Personality: Fiery, strong, smart, fast, ill-tempered, blunt, cold, distant (due to her powers), somewhat caring, etc.

Powers/Abilities: Claw retraction, contaminant immunity, enhanced reflexes, enhanced leap, invulnerability, regenerative healing factor, weatherproof, enhanced agility, enhanced bite, enhanced durability, enhanced endurance, enhanced hearing and smell, night vision, enhanced speed, enhanced stamina, enhanced strength, environmental adaptation, feral mind fur generation, predator instinct, temperature regulation, enhanced roar, lunar empowerment, lunar mind, lycanthropic infection, semi-immortality, transformation (at any point, strongest is at a full moon), genetic condition, partial transformation (her teeth, eyes, nails tail, ears).

Friends: Arcdia (only friend, her powers affect relations with people)

Jessica hates people in general. Arcadia is the only person to understand her.

 Jessica is a werewolf through her genetics. She discovered her powers at the age of 9.

It took Arcadia years to gain Jessica's trust (it wasn't a very task from the start).

Jessica can still use her abilities even in human form like her enhanced hearing, smell and predator instincts.



This part of the commisions I do


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